What our Residents Say

Residents of Georgia's House appreciate the help they recieved.Jayne

I really appreciate having had an opportunity to get to know everyone here, although my stay was brief and the reason for my stay saddening. Everyone on staff (volunteers) treated me with respect and compassion. Once the other residents and I got to know each other it was like living with good roommates. Thank you everyone for keeping my stay as stress-free as it was!


My stay here was great! The people and Leanna were great. The best part is that they do care for the women and children that are here. They don’t get as much credit as they deserve. I loved this place; they really changed me for the better!.Thanks Guys!


I never expected something like this to happen to me. God must have been watching over me to end up with his angels, Leann and Viola. They took such good care of me. Helping me to get back on my feet. The Georgia’s House has the best staff, all volunteers, I say right on and keep it going. I love you all “A poo doo doo!”