Thank You! & School Supplies Needed

First of all, before anything else, I want to thank everyone who has donated items. We’ve received an outpouring of clothes. And when our washer AND dryer broke two months ago, we had offers for free ones (yes, multiple) in a matter of hours! You are all amazing, and we appreciate it.

Right now- with school getting ready to start- and our 9 school-age children, we would really appreciate school supplies.
3-ring binders
Wide-rule notebook paper
#2 pencils
Washable markers
Colored pencils
Pink erasers
Pocket folders
Plastic pencil boxes
Hand sanitizer
Zip lock bags

Non-school related, we are in desperate need of toilet paper and twin-size sheets.

Stay tuned for future blog posts. We’ll be featured brief biographies (anonymously) of some of our residents- past & future. Their stories are amazing.
Everyone at Georgia’s House