Kitsap Great Give!

Join us for a day of giving!

The Kitsap Great Give! on May 6, 2014, will be the largest day of charitable giving that the greater Kitsap area has ever experienced. This event, and the event website, are hosted by the Kitsap Community Foundation, and our Presenting Partner, the United Way of Kitsap County. Our goal is to have thousands of donors contribute over $500,000 to local nonprofits on May 6, 2014.

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Community Foundations enable people of varying financial levels to engage in large-scale philanthropy, because donors can pool their contributions, they can do good, forever! Philanthropy is a personal expression of one’s beliefs.

Follow  THIS LINK   to donate (or schedule a donation) to Weaver Foundation via the Kitsap Great Give!

.Weaver Foundation-Georgia Mattson Memorial Shelter Mission:
To ensure that low-income homeless women and children as well as those experiencing domestic violence have a safe environment while being afforded the opportunity to seek ways to achieve health, safety, and well-being for themselves and their families without concerns of food, shelter and clothing.